My girls ROCK!

On a whim I decided to enter a 3 trial 2 day herding trial IN Nebraska. Years ago I did the same thing. I entered this trial with Becket on my way to my first National Beardie specialty. I feel like I have come full circle. But more importantly for me I feel like myself for the first time since Luke’s delivery. The beardie ceilidh clan is so much fun. The location is just beautiful and the people are wonderful. I have always had so much fun. In fact I have owned two dogs from Ann Witte. Tallulah comes from Nebraska. When Alex was 9 months old I decided we needed to get another beardie. Grendel, Alex, and I hopped in the car and drove to the outside of Omaha. We went to Ann Witte’s farm. I got Alex out. This little tri colored beardie raced over and sat right by him. She has been his dog ever since!!
My dogs made me PROUD! I was worried about how Grendel would handle the trip. I shouldn’t have worried. She had a BLAST! She swam in rivers on the way. She rolled, played, and loved life. She also managed to have a qualifying run. I was so proud of her that I wanted to cry!

Someone wants to sleep in!

Way to go Grenie! You make me proud!

Frappuccino has been with our family since December. I entered her for fun. She had been on sheep only three times. This little girl made me SO proud. She came away with her first herding title at the age of 7 months! I must admit it was hard work. We don’t have the working relationship yet. Or I thought we didn’t. Apparently we do!

Introducing Risa Caramel Frappuccino HT

Tallulah was WONDERFUL! She had a blast. She came away with an HT and a PT title. Not bad for visiting her home for the first time.
Artisan Mambo in May PT

I survived TWO full nights without my boys. The worst part was doing facetime with Lukie. All he would do was point to me and say MAMA HOME!. He sure missed his mama. Alex is old enough to understand. He took everything in stride.
Love to all.


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