School’s out for SUMMER

I must admit I cried when Alex finished his first year of preschool. I was so dang proud of him. I love the school he goes to.

Alex and his buddies.

I was worried Alex would miss the routine. He misses his friends but so far we are having a BLAST! There is no rush. We just play!

Alex and his best friend Frappuccino. We are still hiking at least 3 times a week. Alex rides his bike while I try to keep up with him. Lukie rides in the pack when he gets tired. The dogs LOVE IT!

Grendel is still holding her own. She keeps everyone in line yet manages to have a lot of fun!

We meet up with preschool friends once a week and sometimes go for lunch after!


We have added to our yard a HUGE playset with swings, a tunnel, a play house and a sandbox. The boys love it. But always love the tire swing!

The beloved sandbox!

The dogs are loving life. Frappuccino is growing up. The girls and I are headed to a herding trial in Nebraska this weekend!

Most of all I am thankful for being able to pick up where we left off last summer. Alex is still in love with Cristyn. Lukie still loves playing with Euan.

YAY for summer and GREAT friends. Enjoy everyone!


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