The snow keeps coming!

This winter has taught me a lot. I can’t control the weather or the temperatures. So I just need to embrace whatever comes each day. Whether it is zero degrees, 60 degrees, a ton of snow or just mud we go out and play!

Due to a large snow storm preschool start was delayed for 90 minutes. We took that time to have sledding races down the driveway. Don’t let Lukie fool you. He won quite a few. Alex had so much fun. He convinced Jeff to have more sledding races with him that night!

Dog races. Of course Grendel is in the lead!

Found on the trail. Perfect Lukie!

Holding her own in her wonderful Grendel style!

Guess who turns 2 next week? My blue eyed boy!

Alex getting ready for his second ski lesson. So excited!

Conquering the magic carpet. No longer needing his mother near him. Proud of you Alex!

the bunny hill!

Alex was by far the youngest and the smallest on the hill. He kept telling everyone that once he conquered the bunny hill he was going to go on the BIG BIG hill and the chairlift. Everyone was laughing and cheering him on.

The teacher asked me what was my goal for his lesson. To have a good experience. I don’t care if he becomes a great skiier. I just want him to experience it and be able to make his own decisions.
Enjoy everyone!


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