Oh miss Grendel I love you

It has been a trying last few weeks. Grendel was diagnosed with a large inoperable liver tumor. Grendel is my baby. I call her my first born even though she is my tenth dog, throw in a couple of horses also. The story of getting Grendel is quite entertaining. I never wanted a brown beardie. I didn’t think they were pretty (how superficial was I?). In the process of looking for puppies my dad died and I got a bit mixed up with what puppies I was looking at. Anyhow Grendel was sent to me by the most wonderful breeders ever. I opened up her crate at the airport and was in SHOCK. She was brown. I was speechless. She had made a mess in her crate so I let her ride on my lap home from the airport. I fell in love. The breeders had a GREAT laugh and offered to take her back. NO WAY! This dog was destined to be mine. She hasn’t been an easy dog. She has sound sensitivitie and thunderstorm phobia. But she is also sheer joy to have around. She is silly, funny and just plain weird. She doesn’t like just everyone. She has never taken to my mom. No matter how much she has tried to bribe her. Grendel has helped me through jobs, getting married, having marriage problems, being on bed rest with Alex for 12 weeks, raising him for the past three years, helping me with every single night feeding or awakening for both boys. I can’t imagine what my boys would be like if they hadn’t known her. She is truly a little piece of heaven. A true gift from God. I am thankful she isn’t showing any signs yet. I have decided to make a bucket list for Grendel. Everyday we try to do something fun. Whether it is hiking, running, playing, chasing deer or just spoiling her it is my goal to let her live her life as comfortable and happy as can be.
I love you Grendel. I am so thankful you have come into my life. I cherish every day I have with you.


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