Winter is here!

Seasons are a changing. We got through Halloween which seemed to last a whole month. But it was a ton of fun. Alex loved trick or treating down in Castle Rock. Lukie loved that we stopped by the outlet mall and let him trick or treat there. Alex opted to hang out in the wagon.

Winter is here! We have had several snow storms. And the boys LOVE it. Alex wakes up every morning so excited to see the snow. He sprints out of bed and just smiles when it is still there.

I have a cool sled that I hooked a a leash to it and can pull the boys around in it. Lukie goes right outside and hops in it!

It wouldn’t be a snowstorm without super G out playing in it!

Alex continues to thrive in preschool. He is learning his letters and some Spanish. But most of all he is making some wonderful friends. I am so thankful for his preschool. He just loves it. His teachers are just wonderful. When I go to pick him up Lukie goes sprinting in the class. The teachers all hug him, the kids start playing with him. It is just one of those places that warms your heart. Next week he has night time at school. I just love all their activities.
Hope everyone is safe and healthy.


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