Busy Busy!

Wow time flies! Alex celebrated his 3rd birthday and then I lost track of time. Lukie turned 18 months. He is in the 50th percentile for height. But still not on the charts for weight. After watching him race around the room they are no longer worried about him. My little bean pole!

Sweet Lukie

Alex is doing great in school. He no longer says goodbye to me. As soon as I open the door to the building, he races in and goes to his classroom. He just loves his teacher Ms. Emily. She really is the best.
This past weekend was CRAZY! Saturday morning we made the trek up to the railroad museum to see Thomas the train and go for a ride on him. This year both boys enjoyed it. One of the benefits of them being 18 months apart. It was so much fun. Lukie loved the petting zoo. He is my animal lover. Alex raced around chasing the electric trains. We got a great family picture in front of Thomas.

Of course me being me, we had to race home and grab the dogs to take them to the annual Pooch Plunge. It is the end of the year pool party for dogs. Grendel LOVES swimming. We always have to drag her out of there. This year Tallulah really got into it. Alex loved dancing to the music and throwing the frisbee for the dogs to swim and get. Lukie was safely on my back in the pack!

Time is flying by. Alex is still riding his bike for miles at a time. He is getting really good and goes flying down the hills all by himself. I have to grit my teeth but yet am so proud of him. I am just loving the one on one time with Lukie. We usually go to the park with his friend Euan. He loves it. Whenever we go to pick up Alex from preschool, Lukie always tries to race into the classroom to join him.
I am so lucky and thankful for my wonderful family. We have each other and our health. We are very lucky.


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    Wonderful update. Love the family photo. I am happy that all of you are maintaining good health.

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