The summer of milestones

Somehow this summer my baby boy has grown up. Alex has become a real, rough and tough boy. He learned to ride a bike. A real bike, not one of those expensive designer push bikes. Yes it has training wheels but he was only 2 1/2 when he got it. These past few weeks he decided he was ready to use the big boy toilet. He has pretty well been accident free since he picked out his own underwear.
In two weeks he starts preschool. He is so excited. He talks about it every day. I am excited for him. He will love it and love making friends. This time last year the pediatrician wanted me to take him to a speech therapist. I told her to wait until he was 2, that he would be fine. And he is. He talks nonstop. His nanner who is a retired English teacher was very impressed with his vocabulary, knowledge of colors etc. Of course she is biased and thinks he is brilliant.
This past week he graduated from the parent tot swim class. Two years of swimming with me, now he gets to go to the big pool by himself. He is so excited. I am a bit sad.
Alex turns 3 in a month. Where has the time gone? He is going to get his first real party this year with his best friends at “pump it up”. I think he will love it.
But most of all I am just proud of him. Everyone who meets him tells me how sweet he is. He loves animals, all animals. He feeds the bunnies, the squirrels and even bugs. He loves his beloved T-dog so much and can’t wait until she can sleep with him. He worries about his brother and protects him. Yesterday we went birthday shopping for a friend of his. He came racing back to the cart with a HUGE teddy bear. He was so proud to pick out a present for his friend. He has a good heart and a brave. I have been so blessed to be able to stay home with him the past three years. I am thankful to Jeff for working so hard so I had this opportunity. I am not judging the people who send their kids to daycare. It just wasn’t right for our family.
I think of a book I read about raising toddlers. The last page said “let them go.” It is time for Alex to go make the next steps. I tear up thinking about it but yet it is the right thing to do. He will be great and make his mama proud! I love you Alex with all my heart.


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  1. mom

    Taylor turned 21 last weekend Kim and I still tear up looking back at all these moments that were so special to me as he grew up. You have laid a great foundation and that’s the most important part. He will make some mistakes along the way…but he will grow into a special young man and you will be just as proud when he is 21!

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