Biker boy!!

Alex has already outgrown his beloved trike. For summer we bought him a fabulous bike. Of course it is his favorite color ORANGE. He ROCKS at riding it. I thought it would take him a bit to get comfortable with riding it even though it has training wheels. Oh no. He has been riding it from the second we brought it home. He goes out on the trails. I was so proud that he was excited to ride it in the snow. The other day at the park he spent at least an hour riding it around with two older kids. That day poor Alex was so tired he could barely walk to the car. I am so proud of my little boy. He has spirit and is all heart. He has already fallen more than I can count. But he gets back on and keeps riding. His elbows always seem to have a bandaid on them. I love mountain biking so much. I have missed not being able to do it the past three or so years. So this has been a huge joy for me to see him love his bike so much. Love you Alex!!


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  1. Yvonne

    Alex will be waving good bye to training wheels in no time! What a trooper!

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