Alex keeping it real for his momma!

The boys and their Nanner

The other day the boys and I were at the park. There was another couple there with their 18 month old girl. They were getting really mad at her for crawling instead of walking. For a moment I was feeling superior. I would never push my boys like that. Lukie was crawling around like a crazy man having a blast with no pressure to walk. Then I heard a mother say “NO don’t do that.” I look over to see Alex trying to ride his trike down one of the slides. Really Alex? Thanks Alex for keeping it real for me. Made me laugh.
Alex is one of those boys that you see at the park and are in awe of. He has endless energy and is fearless. He is also one of those kids you see at the park that takes YEARS off your life and you thank the Lord he is not yours. I love Alex to death. I love his spirit, his personality and how he lives his life. I have learned to grit my teeth and smile as he is trying out another stunt. He is a boy and will do it whether or not I want him to. So I figure I need to teach him to be safe and some survival skills.
His “nanner” (my mom) is in town. He convinced her to explore all 5 acres of our property. He came back in with a ripped up shirt. Apparently he managed to get tangled in barbwire but did not cut himself. His poor nanner. He also tried to leap from the couch to the coffee table. Trying to show off for her…he didn’t make it.. There was a loud thump as he slammed into the side of the table. Nothing a little bunny food (jelly beans) couldn’t fix.
Sweet little Lukie isn’t much better. He crawls up all the playsets at the park, motor’s through the play tunnels, flips around and goes down the slide on his belly. Today he was upsetting another mother by eating sand. I had to tell her that yes I am aware of it but I actually did check with the pediatrician and it is quite normal and safe. At that point he saw a doggy and was sprinting over to it..wild boy!
I love my boys. They are physicial children. They are busy boys that need to run around at least for an hour or so every day. I am happy to oblige them!



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2 responses to “Alex keeping it real for his momma!

  1. Oh my…a trike down the slide…sounds like there will be more ER visits in your future with that kid!! HA!! Those kids of yours know how to have fun!

  2. Betty Ammon

    Wonderful picture of Nanner and a great description of your boys. Their antics take my breath away! I can just imagine them with your dogs.

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