Way behind

I am so far behind that I haven’t even done Halloween pictures. Halloween was a BLAST! Alex was a 3 eyed blue monster. Lukie was a sweet dino baby. Alex got into trick or treating. Friday night we went to Castle Rock and the local stores gave out candy. Saturday I took the boys to the Wildlife Experience for more Halloween fun. That night we did more trick or treating at the outlet malls. By true Halloween we had enough!
Jeff then headed out of town for a business trip. The rest of us came down with the stomach flu. YUCK! I must say it was very hard taking care of two sick boys and myself for the whole week. I was the sickest of the bunch. I always believe God would never give me something I couldn’t handle. So bring it! Grendel was an awesome nursemaid and helped me through it. We are finally starting to get back on track. Lukie is starting to sound a bit croupy so keep your fingers crossed. I lost enough weight that I am lower than my pre-pregnancy weight. Back into the fabulous clothes that are SO outdated!
Best of all, it is SNOWING! I hope it sticks so the boys can play.
Love to everyone!


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