Light Rail

Sweet brothers

Yesterday I took the boys on the light rail. Alex was so excited. I asked him if he wanted to go ride a choo choo. He went up and got his trains and was all set. He was so sad when we got in the car and not on a train. Had to explain to him that we had to drive to the train. He loved walking across the bridge over the highway. He loved watching the light rail pull up. He loved getting on it and picking a seat. We got off a few times so he could walk around, meet people and play. On the way home it was very full so we had to stand. He LOVED that. He was giggling and making people laugh. It was just a wonderful day. Something I will remember for the rest of my life.
Lukie had a blast. He smiled and flirted with people. In the process I noticed he has his first tooth! Go Lukie!



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2 responses to “Light Rail

  1. Yvonne Mulcaster

    Your boys are a national treasure. You are such a good Mom to give them all these experiences.

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