Need more water mom!

I watch Alex getting frustrated with things. He will hit and throw when things aren’t going his way. Sometimes I look at him and want to act like him! I want to hit the wall when things aren’t going my way or I am angry. I want to throw things when things aren’t working out the way I wanted. But I know I am the adult and I should know better. Hitting and throwing aren’t good examples. I am an adult. I should not be acting like a toddler. That would be quite embarrassing! Plus I am a better person than that!
My leg is frustrating me. I am in chronic pain from the femoral artery procedure that saved me. Some days I would love to curl up into a ball. I would love to cry and sulk. But where would that get me? Would it make me feel better. I know it won’t. What makes me feel better is facing it and not letting it control my life. I get up and do things as normal. I look at my boys and I am thankful I am alive to enjoy them.


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