Be thankful for what you have….


My brother-in-law’s nephew was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. Champ is 13. Yesterday he underwent a 10 hour surgery to remove the tumor. They could not get it all so Champ will have to undergo radiation and chemo…at the age of 13. A few years ago Champ lost his father to cancer. Champ is a brave man. He is one of the nicest kids I have ever met. Please keep him in your prayers.
It makes one step back and examine your own life. Are your priorities what they should be? It should be about your family, wife/husband and kids, spending time with them, enjoying the simple things. We should be thankful every day for our lovely homes, having heat and walls, having cars and the means to buy groceries, and having water to drink. Not about keeping up with the Joneses across the street, driving the fanciest car, having fancy jewelry or even the simple fact of being right. Does being right all the time make one happy? Nope, it makes for a miserable, lonely life. I looked at my boys this morning and was so thankful. Alex is entertaining as always. Wild and fun are his middle names! Lukie is the sweetest baby possible. He is sleeping 4-5 hours in a row at night. Jeff has been gone most nights these past few weeks and it is a bit lonely without him. I am looking forward to him being home tonight. I am lucky and so thankful for what I have.
Life is fleeting. It can be way too short. One should not hold grudges, one should love and have hope. I always have hope. I have hope that things will change. I believe that I can make a difference. I hope I never lose that. I think once it is gone it might be gone forever. That would be very sad. I hope Lukie and Alex will grow up thinking they can change the world and believing in themselves. Without that hope…what’s the point?
So even though my platelets came back lower yesterday and I am going back on steroids, I feel like a wimp for complaining. Lesson learned!


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