The baptism..being thankful for my family.

This past weekend the whole family came to town. My mom from Utah, my sister and my nephew Colin from Vermont and Jeff’s parents from Texas all came to town for this special day. Alex is a lucky boy to have such a wonderful, supportive family. My sister Julie had yet to meet him. I think it was love at first sight. She enjoyed teasing us about his dimples for ankles. He is so dang pudgy that he has divets instead of ankle bones! She got him laughing and giggling. Colin is Alex’s godfather. He was able to make the trip to support his godson. Alex was just fascinated by him. He just loved staring at him. Colin was also able to go to a Nugget’s game and an Avalanche hockey game with Jeff. My mom became the queen of guitar hero. Who knew she had it in her? My wonderful sister-in-law Stacey is his godmother. She is so mellow and just about the nicest person one could ever know. It is nice that she lives so close enough that we are able to see each other quite often.

Stacey, Colin, Me, Alex and Jeff

Alex is a lucky boy. Everyone is so generous to him. It keeps me busy writing thank you notes! The other day I read a thing on CNN about thank you notes. It said it was not okay to send a quick email as a thank you note. It made me laugh to see what technology has done to us. I am just thankful my mom taught my sister and I to write thank you’s for everything.

Peace to everyone. Hug your kids, family and pets!


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