Fruitcake SUCKS…..

Tis the season to be jolly…or to dress my son up like an elf. Doesn’t he look so cute and big! Last week he weighed in at 14 lb 14 oz. No wonder I am always starving.
We took Alex to the Denver Botanical Gardens trail of lights. He really seemed to enjoy looking at all the lights. It was bitter cold out so I dressed him up like the poor kid from A Christmas Story. Packed him up in the baby bjorn and off we went. He was wide eyed through the whole thing and slept really well that night. He also has gone with me snowshoeing. Now that is a work out. It is hard enough carrying him up the trails. Then to cut trail while carrying him. The dogs were quite happy to let me break trail….figures!
My sister is possibly moving from Vermont to Ann Arbor, Michigan. I am really excited about that. I love where they live in Vermont but it is a bit hard to get there. This summer we are planning on going out there for a week or so over the 4th of July. Sounds like we might be visiting them in Michigan instead. Slowly but surely they are getting closer to Colorado where I really hope they eventually end up. I miss her!


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  1. I love it! Travis and I always say you can only dress your kids up silly while they are little and cannot protest. One of the many joys of motherhood!

    Love you and hopefully we’ll see you Tuesday at play date.


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