Let the holidays begin……

It’s so hard to party

Yesterday we had our first Christmas party.  It was great fun to have every- one meet Alex.  Jeff had a blast showing off the remodeled house.  Alex enjoyed being snuggled by a ton of different people.  Every time I looked he was in someone else’s arms happily hanging out.  The dogs also had a blast.  Sawyer (our Golden) thought the little kids were great fun.  They were the perfect height to steal cookies from.  They also will throw the ball and never get tired of it!  Grendel hung out by the food table happily cleaning up stuff conveniently dropped on the floor for her.  All in all it was a great success.  It only took a few hours, a warm bath and a nice quiet feeding to calm Alex down enough to go to sleep!




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2 responses to “Let the holidays begin……

  1. Kathi

    I just love the Christmas hat photo! It made me laugh out loud – he looks so darn cute!

  2. kim

    Glad it made you smile! Miss you honey!

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