Happy three months old!

Peace out people
Our crazy little boy is three months old today!  He is growing up so fast it already makes me sad.   I cried the first time he slept through the whole night, now I am thankful for my sleep.  He smiles and giggles which is about the sweetest thing ever.  He loves going for hikes with me.  Yesterday is was snowing really hard.  He stuck his face up out of the baby bjorn feeling the snow falling on his face.  He fell asleep that way.  Each day I am more and more thankful for our wonderful, precious boy!

I would write more (maybe) but having spent the weekend with the stomach flu I will just make it a short note!



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2 responses to “Happy three months old!

  1. Oh my gosh I love the glasses picture!

    I am sorry to hear about the flu… I had no idea you were under the weather… let me know if I can bring you some chicken soup!


  2. Kim

    Thanks Angie. I am feeling a ton better. Glad you liked the glasses picture. Got to start dressing him up young!

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