My girls ROCK!

On a whim I decided to enter a 3 trial 2 day herding trial IN Nebraska. Years ago I did the same thing. I entered this trial with Becket on my way to my first National Beardie specialty. I feel like I have come full circle. But more importantly for me I feel like myself for the first time since Luke’s delivery. The beardie ceilidh clan is so much fun. The location is just beautiful and the people are wonderful. I have always had so much fun. In fact I have owned two dogs from Ann Witte. Tallulah comes from Nebraska. When Alex was 9 months old I decided we needed to get another beardie. Grendel, Alex, and I hopped in the car and drove to the outside of Omaha. We went to Ann Witte’s farm. I got Alex out. This little tri colored beardie raced over and sat right by him. She has been his dog ever since!!
My dogs made me PROUD! I was worried about how Grendel would handle the trip. I shouldn’t have worried. She had a BLAST! She swam in rivers on the way. She rolled, played, and loved life. She also managed to have a qualifying run. I was so proud of her that I wanted to cry!

Someone wants to sleep in!

Way to go Grenie! You make me proud!

Frappuccino has been with our family since December. I entered her for fun. She had been on sheep only three times. This little girl made me SO proud. She came away with her first herding title at the age of 7 months! I must admit it was hard work. We don’t have the working relationship yet. Or I thought we didn’t. Apparently we do!

Introducing Risa Caramel Frappuccino HT

Tallulah was WONDERFUL! She had a blast. She came away with an HT and a PT title. Not bad for visiting her home for the first time.
Artisan Mambo in May PT

I survived TWO full nights without my boys. The worst part was doing facetime with Lukie. All he would do was point to me and say MAMA HOME!. He sure missed his mama. Alex is old enough to understand. He took everything in stride.
Love to all.


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School’s out for SUMMER

I must admit I cried when Alex finished his first year of preschool. I was so dang proud of him. I love the school he goes to.

Alex and his buddies.

I was worried Alex would miss the routine. He misses his friends but so far we are having a BLAST! There is no rush. We just play!

Alex and his best friend Frappuccino. We are still hiking at least 3 times a week. Alex rides his bike while I try to keep up with him. Lukie rides in the pack when he gets tired. The dogs LOVE IT!

Grendel is still holding her own. She keeps everyone in line yet manages to have a lot of fun!

We meet up with preschool friends once a week and sometimes go for lunch after!


We have added to our yard a HUGE playset with swings, a tunnel, a play house and a sandbox. The boys love it. But always love the tire swing!

The beloved sandbox!

The dogs are loving life. Frappuccino is growing up. The girls and I are headed to a herding trial in Nebraska this weekend!

Most of all I am thankful for being able to pick up where we left off last summer. Alex is still in love with Cristyn. Lukie still loves playing with Euan.

YAY for summer and GREAT friends. Enjoy everyone!

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Catch up!

We have had SNOW!

Cooler weather, new coat!

And finally back to biking. Alex is so much better this year. He is totally stable on his bike and LOVES it. He has even ridden at the local bike/skate park!

Lukie is growing like a weed. He is very talkative and loves dancing.

Frappuccino is also growing. She loves RUNNING FAST!

Digging, and


Tallulah is my running partner. Loves hogging the bed and herding!

Grendel is still perfect!

My best friend Grendel! Love her so much.

Teaching Frapper the rules of life with Grendel!

Love my wonderful crew!

I am so lucky!

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Happy Easter!

From Grendel, Frappuccino, Alex, Tallulah, and Lukie

The egg hunt

The helicopter that dropped the eggs. The coolest thing ever!

Sweet Alex

Grendel and Lukie

Perfect Grendel

Not so happy Tallulah!

Precious Frapper

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Good old Colorado weather!

Last Friday the boys and I took the dogs for a nice hike with a pond for them to swim in. The weather was just gorgeous!

Tallulah and Grendel swimming

Get it Grendel!

Sweet Grendel we love you!

Dirty Happy boys!

Dirt dog

Yesterday it snowed about 6 inches of really heavy, wet snow!

Wild ones!

Iced Frappuccino

Sweet, wonderful Grendel

Sweet boys!

LOVE the Colorado weather. So blessed to live here!

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Boys and dogs….

The wild ones!

It wouldn’t be a party without Grendel!

A boy and his beloved dog!

Lukie LOVES his dogs!

The dogs are so patient with the boys!

The hiking crew!
Enjoy Spring everyone!

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My girls!

I got into bearded collies back in high school. I got my very first one while in vet school, my dear sweet Becket. My life has not been the same since. I now have someone to encourage me to get up in the morning. I have constant hiking, biking, and running companions. I have dogs that want to work, that need to work. They have introduced me to a whole new world that I love.

Sweet Grendel still competing at 11 1/2 years and LOVING IT. (ssh she still doesn’t know she has a liver tumor)

Grendel loves the outdoors. She has been my hiking and running buddy for years. But most of all she has been my friend.

Tallulah learning the agility ropes. Her true love is herding and hiking.

Frappuccino joined us in December. Can you tell they are related. Double trouble! Frappuccino’s job is to learn to hike and enjoy life with the boys.

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